An enquiry into the nature of memory

What is memory?


How does it function? How does it fade? Does it fade, or it's mere evolution?

What's real versus what's remembered?

How do we choose to remember and how do we reinforce it?

Being both a form of knowledge and an agent of imagination, memory serves as a key to the emotional understanding of ourselves and the world. Through this project, I have sought to explore the themes concerning the construction of memory, the nature of memory, remembering and forgetting.

When broken down into its stem and prefix, the word ‘remembering’ can be seen simply as the putting back together or re-assembling of parts or members. Returning to the past, gathering it, binding it, and putting its parts together that bring moment and give renewed meaning to the original experience or event.

Through this project, I tried to stage the unreliability of memory, not a nostalgic set-piece, yet with shadows of the past. Materiality and texture of form constitute primarily the expressive part.