Project Synopsis

Through this project, I have sought to explore the themes concerning with the construction of memory. Memory itself is very selective and has a tendency to rework the original facts of an event or experience in a way that coheres around the wishes and values of the person remembering. Although there are many moments of misremembering and of not successfully recollecting, there are few moments in which we are not immersed in memory. And this immersion includes each step we take, each thought we think, each word we utter. Every cell of our brains holds memories.

The explorations made here are not literal renderings of memory but are often suggestive of the past, tapping into the reservoir of emotion as much as into a store of cognitive knowledge. As the project ran its course, it became more to do with the nature of memory, evading and forgetting. To acknowledge the massive presence of memory is to acknowledge how important remembering is. Through this project, I tried to stage the unreliability of memory, capture its essence or structure. 

I was exploring mediums such as photography, sculpture, moving images and interactive code. A part of the project seeks the active engagement of the audience whereas the other is for visual engagement. Lastly, the animation work aims to express fragmented yet unified experiences. Materiality and texture of form constitute primarily the expressive part. 

As I come to accept the ever-changing truth and ever-shifting memory with no definite answer to it, this project is my inquiry into the nature of memory. I am questioning issues that are fundamental to memory through Art, conducting my research on these topics in the light of philosophy and visual communication.