Medium: Distorted imagery via interactive code

I started making this exploration while I was thinking about the repetitive nature of the act of recalling memories, the ongoing process of alienation and appropriation, separation and belonging, individual and collective experience, recollection and anticipation, which form a key aspect of human existence. 

I was interested in a medium that could give me more freedom over modifying and making repetitions constantly.

The idea was to use distortion as a device to represent an echo of a memory.

This idea was further developed with photographs from my own family albums.

On the left is an interactive tab, one may experience the process themself here live.


  • Click and drag to draw a rectangle on the picture

  • To use the horizontal X-axis, Press X

  • To use the vertical Y-axis, Press Y

(Click and scroll)

Video of the flipbooks

Video of images in the flipbooks